A More Focussed Direction

I have decided that throughout the remainder of this year, I will be focussing more on making limited or one-of-a-kind headbands for use in photography but also for everyday or special occasion use. I will be using various real, dried, and faux floral accents, pearls, rhinestones, butterflies, stones, and more!!! I will still, occasionally, have certain hats, pillows, and wraps available, but I will be clearing out stock of most everything else, including JHD posing fabrics. I have been taking up too much space in the garage and the family wants to be able to park the car inside (haha). I will not be restocking as production costs and shipping fees have increased drastically. Also, other items will be listed for up to 70% off! I want to clear my storage for new designs!!!

Check out the Clearance Section:

ALL Posing Fabrics are on sale starting at 35% off

ALL Printed Wraps are on sale starting at 35% off

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