DIY Macrame Rainbow Plush or Lovie

Yay! I am so excited to offer this DIY Rainbow for you to create for your next photography session or even as a keychain, a mini wall hanging, or car decor! I hope you enjoy this tutorial and find the directions useful! I appreciate any and all feedback so I can improve for next time. I aim to keep it as short as possible and have as many clear, easy to follow details/instructions as possible! I often find tutorials are too long and complicated and I give up ... so, if you feel it's too long, make sure to call me out! I hope to do one DIY a month moving forward: Here is the first one that I have ever done. Make sure to subscribe to the JHD mailing list to see the new DIY's each month! In August, I will be releasing the DIY pillow case including three versions: sewing, hand-stitching, and gluing! Happy Crafting .

xoxo JHD by Hayley

Materials List Specific to this Rainbow

  • At least one colour of twine

  • Cording

  • Glue sticks

  • Glue Gun

  • Scissors

  • Measuring Tape/Ruler

  • Creativity and Patience

My favourite glue gun can be purchased from ~ I love this particular glue gun because it is cordless and holds its heat! I have much better movement flow and control. If you are working on miniature projects, then you will want to purchase a smaller product.

I purchased the cording and twine from Michaels, but it can be purchased online or at many other crafting stores. I have even found some at the dollar store that you could use for practice. You can purchase a deep orange and deep grey blue twine from Michaels online. The colours I used for my design were seasonally limited and purchased in store!

You can also use friendship bracelet thread for more dainty rainbows or smaller diameter twine! It depends on the look you are going for!

Learn how to make your own {peaceful} Rainbow Lovie below or purchase one HERE!

Step 1: Gather materials and set up a clean workspace and turn on your glue gun!

Step 2: Measure out your cording and cut each piece to length. For this rainbow I measured 9 inches. Remember, this will be the longest piece and each subsequent piece will be slightly smaller as you build your rainbow.

Step 3: Choose your first colour. Leave some cording free (as much as you want for the tassel part of the rainbow) and then glue your chosen colour just above. Let it dry.