"Just You," with Hayley, an interview series

I have always been afraid of being in the public eye, but it seems that it is the future for all businesses. Social media and showing your face IRL is especially important for small locally run businesses to reach success. People prefer who they know: It's more comfortable, it's easier, and it's 'funner,' ahem ... more fun!

Just in case you didn't know, I design photography props for newborn, baby, child, and family photographers. I have recently started designing special everyday wearables for children as well! I am also an elementary school teacher and have four beautiful (if I do say so myself) children!

The year twenty-twenty-two, is my year to push myself outside of my comfort zone in many different areas of life (physically, mentally, professionally, and socially). I did start with this idea at the tail end of 2021 and ... you know what!? It actually feels amazing afterwards. I had a conflict with a colleague and it took every ounce of my being to actually approach them and discuss the issue face to face ... and ... after all the anxiety leading up to the conversation, it went surprisingly well, the issue is resolved and we actually smile at each other or have a pleasant chat when we bump into each other. I choose to trust that it is genuine because of the way it feels now versus then!

The best way to STAND OUT in a business niche that is saturated with talent, is to show your face and let your personality shine through. Most of my customers are photographers and most photographers prefer to be behind the lens, or so I've been told! I am a designer and I prefer to be a my desk with a glue gun, behind my computer, binging Netflix while my designs and creativity burst all over my workshop! Being unseen is safe but being unseen also gives me the feeling of being unaccountable and often a feeling of hiding. So this year, I will let myself be seen, be vulnerable, be accountable, be authentic, and be brave!!! I challenge you to STAND OUT this year and let yourself be brave, be authentic, be accountable, be vulnerable, and be seen along with me! Let's do this together!

You are invited to join the "Just You," interview series with Hayley (me)! I will be doing filmed, live-online, and hopefully some in-person interviews with photographers world wide who have different styles, techniques, and genres and who are ready to SHINE! I will also be offering some interview spaces to locally run businesses (local, in general, to Canada with a focus on Vancouver, British Columbia Based businesses). If you are interested please contact me via email (info@justhatcheddesignshop.com) and I will send you an intake form. We will work together to find a time and/or space that works for both of us!

I am so excited to announce that the first interview has been completed! A HUGE thank you to Kayla from Little Lashes Photography for helping me build up the courage to Step Up to Stand Out and Shine! Thank you for trusting me and learning and growing together! Stay tuned for the interview blog feature coming next week!

xoxo Hayley

Meet Kayla

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