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Our Heart in Our Art

I design and build each item with love and care! I always ask myself, do I love this!? If I don't, I work on the design until it's, in my eyes, JUST right! I carefully create and curate photography props to add a unique flair, a subtle texture, a bold statement, or an emotive feeling to the images you create. In my mind, we are a team, artist and artist, creating beauty together. You will find many items from bright to neutral from large to dainty from understated to overstated, but if you don't find something JUST perfect for your next session, contact me, and I would love to collaborate with you on a design. 


 am excited to announce that we are blogging tips and tricks from photographers around the world who want to share their journey's with you! If you want to learn more on how to be featured on the JHD Blog, then send an email with your business name, social media pages, and something unique about your journey!

Many people ask these questions about my hair accessories: Can this be altered to fit a toddler? Can my daughter wear this headband to her christening or first birthday? Most of our pieces are tiebacks (with yarn or with stretchy jersey fabric that tie in the back and this can be altered. So, the answer is, "Yes!" I can make most of the designs in my shop "wearable," but remember they are delicate in nature and should never be worn without supervision (just as any other small headbands or hair accessories). 

Who Are We
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